We offer a variety of technical services such as water treatment, descaling, general cleaning of equipment.
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Water Treatment
We employ processes and chemical solutions to remove contaminants in your water for process cooling and comfort cooling, ensuring peak performance from your equipment.
Water Analysis
We use state of the art equipment and test kits to determine impurities in your water, and offer solutions to mitigate these issues.
We use processes and chemical solutions to remove scale buildup in your boilers and heat exchangers, to optimize their performance.
Cleaning of AHU
We use state of the art equipment to clean your air handling units and other equipment, to ensure longevity and performance.
Flushing of Water Loops
We offer services to flush your water cooling loops, to remove impurities and improve longevity and perfomance.
Pre-Operational Cleaning
We offer cleaning services to prepare your equipment for water treatment operations.
Domestic Water Disinfection
We use processes and chemicals to disinfect water reservoirs for domestic use.
Desalinator Installation
We install state-of-the-art industrial desalinating units to purify seawater.