Automotive And Industrial Lubricants
Optimize your machinery with our KEVLON™ Automotive and Industrial Lubricants.
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Gasoline Engine Oils
Kevlon Glide SAE 20W50 SLKevlon Race 20W50 API SG
Motorcycle Oil
Kevlon 4T Ryder SAE 20W50Kevlon Evolve SAE 40 API SFKevlon 2T Clean API TA
Diesel Engine Oil
Kevlon Tough 15W40Kevlon Elite 15W40 CF-4Kevlon Diesel Engine Oil SAE 40 CFKevlon Diesel Engine Oil SAE 40 CDKevlon Diesel Engine Oil SAE 40 CC
Kevlon GEO 90 GL-1Kevlon GEO 140 GL-1Kevlon Gearlube SAE 90 GL-4Kevlon Gearlube SAE 140 GL-4Kevlon ATF DIIIKevlon Extreme Pressure Grease 2Kevlon Multi-Purpose Grease 3Kevlon Brake Fluid DOT-3Kevlon Radiator CoolantKevlon Hydra Hydraulic Oil 22Kevlon Hydra Hydraulic Oil 32Kevlon Hydra Hydraulic Oil 46Kevlon Hydra Hydraulic Oil 68Kevlon Compressor Oil 100Kevlon Compressor Oil 150Kevlon Soluble Cutting Oil