Kevlon Crack Detector Set (Cleaner)

Crack Detector Set locates and pinpoints cracks and flaws from any non-porous material. It is completely safe and is easy to handle. It does not need special equipment or skill for its usage. Its complete kit consists of a cleaner, penetrant and developer. Simply spray the handy aerosol containers and cracks and flaws appear as clear red lines or spots on white background.


1. Shake cleaner can well and spray on the surface to ensure that area is free from grease, soil and dirt.

2. Then next apply the Penetrant, holding the can 8 to 10 inches from the surface.

3. Lastly, apply the developer on the surface. Any crack or flaw will appear as red line or spot.

Physical Properties:
Vapor Density4.6
Flash PointNone
Foam InhibitorPresent
Oxidation TestPassed
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