Kevlon Moisture Displacer

Kevlon Moisture Displacer is a demoisturizing and cleaning compound that prevents failure of electrical and electronic equipment. It protects, lubricates, cleans, displaces and seals out water and severe moisture. It protects equipment from rust and corrosion.


Kevlon Moisture Displacer is used wherever the effect of moisture are detrimental and in any area where condensation and moisture is a problem. It is use extensively in industrial, electrical and electronic equipments, such as precision parts, wiring circuits, motors, batteries, controllers, refrigeration equipments, transformers and ignition systems to avoid corrosion.

Removes dirt and other contaminants by cleaning with pressurized air and safety solvents then allow to dry. Then spray Kevlon Moisture Displacer six inches from surfaces. Equipment damaged by flood could be easily clean and restore by removing first its dirt and debris with pressurized air then spray the solution until it leaves a protective coating.

Prevents rust and corrosionPrevents electrical failure due to effect of moistureExtends operational life of equipmentRestores and mainstains peak electrical operationSafe on plastics and other materialsEasy to useOzone friendly
Physical Properties:
ColorYellow brown
Boiling Point121°C
Specific Gravity @ 20°C1.429
Flash PointNone
Vapor Density5.8
Vapor Pressure @ 20°C4.0
Dielectric Strength27 kv
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