Kevlon General Purpose Lubricant

Kevlon General Purpose Lubricant is a superior quality lubricant designed to lubricate almost all types of moving parts of industrial and automotive machineries. KEVLON GENERAL PURPOSE LUBRICANT is made from selected paraffin base stocks and a unique additive package of rust and corrosion inhibitors, friction modifiers, VI improver and EP additives.


Kevlon General Purpose Lubricant can be applied to pin and bushings, gears, rotators, commutators, studs, cables, lock gauges and other machine parts subjected to contact with metal and non-metal moving parts.

Physical Properties:
ColorLight yellow
SolubilityInsoluble in water, soluble in most solvent
Specific Gravity @ 15.6°C0.94
Viscosity @ 40°C103 cSt
Flash Point255
Rust Prevention RestPassed
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